Ultra-High Vacuum Components for the Semiconductor Industry

Electropolishing is considered the most desirable cleaning and surface preparation process for vacuum chambers and components. The most important resulting benefits are improved vacuum base pressures, and faster pumpdown speed as well as the lowest outgassing tates possible from stainless steel. Simultaneously corrosion resistance is dramatically improved.

Medical Devices

For many years, the medical field has been a beneficiary of electropolishing. Electropolishing of stainless steel medical devices produces a smooth surface, free of contaminants and more passive, which allows for minimizing the foreign body response and cell adhesion. All hospital, medical and surgical equipment (scalpels, clamps, saws, bone and joint implants, prosthetic devices etc.) should be electropolished to facilitate cleaning and achieve high levels of non-contamination. All metal articles exposed to radiation and requiring regular decontamination are prime candidates for electropolishing.

Piping & Tubing

Electropolishing streamlines the microscopic surface of both the i.d. and o.d. of piping and tubing by removing the uppermost layer of the metal ion by ion, eliminating imperfections which trap and contain contaminants. In addition to dramatically enhanced corrosion resistance, the process is especially beneficial for the sterilization and maintenance of hygienically clean surfaces. Major beneficiaries of electropolished piping and tubing include the pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, food and beverage, nuclear, petrochemical industries.

 Food & Beverage Processing

Electropolishing provides the smooth, easy cleaning and cosmetically pleasing surfaces demanded by this industry coupled with unmatched non-contamination and sanitary qualities. The process reduces oxidation and contamination of stainless steel components used in kitchen, dairy and automatic food processing equipment, and descales food and beverage containers. Overall, one can expect a significantly cleaner surface that resists the contaminating build-up of undesirable bacteria and product particles.

More Industrial Applications

  • Dry Product Delivery Systems

  • Filters, Screens and Strainers

  • Product Trays and Dryers

  • Thermowells

  • Pumps and Valves

  • Compressors and Condensers

  • Cooling and Plate Coils

  • Turbine Blades, Wheels and Impellers

  • Paper Mill Equipment — Paper slurry pipe systems and head boxes are two of many applications.

  • Boating and Marine Industry

  • Electronic and Communications Parts

  • Offshore Oil field Applications — Instrumentation, down-hole safety equipment and other similar systems.

  • Fouling Reduction of Screens and Springs

  • Reduction of Oxidation and Corrosion — Crucial for preserving mechanical seals and parts located in chlorine environments.

  • Electromachining — Occasionally, parts are made to improper tolerances or to tolerances needing a slight change. Electropolishing can be a valuable tool to alter tolerances by precisely controlling the removal of a small amount of metal.

  • Passivation — Electropolishing serves as an excellent passivation process. The process removes contamination located on or just beneath the surface and passivates stainless steel to a much greater extent than any other treatment.